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Practically 50 years in the past, the SCCA Transamerican Championship was performed for the primary time in Laguna Seca. On August 24, 1969, a pair of Camaros took the primary locations, with a Mustang on the rostrum. These automobiles have been pushed by Mark Donohue, Ed Leslie and Dan Gurney. 5 a long time have handed and, after 15 years of interruption, the sequence has returned to energy on the long-lasting Central California racing monitor.

As I defined in my overview of the primary version of the Trans Am SpeedFest, championship factors would stay in play for Trans Am, Trans Am 2 and SGT / GT automobiles. Though these trendy automobiles share the tarmac of the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna with their historic counterparts, courtesy of the Sportscar Classic Racing Affiliation, I’ll do my finest to concentrate on trendy issues for the second. Let's say, 2000 years and older – automobiles race for factors.

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<p> Though, within the increased class, these automobiles share little or no – primarily nothing – with their street counterparts, simply have a look at the well-known silhouettes and sticker headlights to provide them a way of relevance. </p>
<p> I at all times thought that the CTS-V 6-speed station wagon could be a extremely cool day by day driver, however after seeing these Cadillac-shaped automobiles on the monitor, the coupe appears interesting for the primary time. I assume Sunday's win, Monday's sale is actual. </p>
<p> Besides that the Cadillacs didn’t win and I can’t purchase a brand new automobile so quickly, however you perceive my level. Win or lose, simply hear these automobiles to shoot at your coronary heart. </p>
<p><img class= For the glory
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