sibling rivalry: the McLaren 600LT fights a McLaren Senna in a drag race

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In one other case of fraternal rivalry, the McLaren 600LT faces the mighty McLaren Senna. You don’t want a crystal globe to foretell the end result of this drag race.

Let's speak concerning the elephant first within the room. What you will note under just isn’t 1 / 4 mile drag race. It's extra of a 1,000-meter drag race that includes two of the UK's hottest machines – the McLaren 600LT and the McLaren Senna.

The Senna, in fact, is essentially the most hardcore machine of the 2 and has all of the choices to decimate the 600LT. And that's precisely what this video is doing on Motorsport Journal's YouTube channel. Did you look ahead to seeing one thing much like the Huracan vs. Aventador SVJ drag-race video of some days in the past? Sorry to disappoint on this regard, as a result of Goliath beat David on this battle.

You possibly can see Senna pulling the beginning line like a roadrunner and whereas the 600LT's driver appears helplessly at his proper foot on the backside of the ground, the hardcore huge brother is utilizing it to extend the space between the 2 automobiles.

So, what makes the Senna nearly disappear from the scene when the lights flip inexperienced? A four.Zero-liter, twin-turbo, 789-hp, 590 lb-ft. Of torque engine permits the 1,918-kg supercar to go from Zero to 62 mph in 2.eight seconds. The utmost velocity is 208 mph. After all, all these numbers are far superior to these printed within the McLaren 600 LT brochure.

Lighter, sooner, sooner and outfitted with a extra highly effective engine, the McLaren Senna was designed to run race tracks of all types, so long as they’re effectively paved like this. this.

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